About Us

The website/Blog celebfleet.com was established in July 2022 with the idea to provide Celebrity’s authentic & genuine biography, and how they are in their daily life. We also focus on celebrities’ assets, gadgets, cars owned, what different they own, their net worth, their income, etc.

We publish factual information of public interest on celebrities in a concise and informative mobile-friendly format. We are committed to accuracy in all the published articles and also will review updates and corrections. We sometimes get facts directly from celebrities, their managers, and their families.

Source of Information

The sources of our information consist of Celebrity magazine, their autobiographies, their interviews held, their own social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., and famous news websites like Forbes, Times, etc.

Also, we do cross-check on whatever information provided by our website has authentic sources or not. We sometimes directly ping them on their emails, or their managers to fact-check the rumors spreading about them. In today’s world, it becomes very easy to spread false information or rumors about any brands, or public figures.

Why Trust Us?

1. We cross-check each piece of information by our entertainment enthusiast, movie buffs team themselves.

2. We display sources of our information at the end of each article, and blog so that you can go and check your own if it’s true or not.

3. If the information provided by us will come from rumor or false information in the future, or if we’re not sure of its authenticity & source, then we either remove that particular article, blog, or video or give a tag of “Not Sure” on that article, blogs, etc.

Person Behind CELEFLEET

The person who is working behind this site and providing you with information about your favorite celebrities is Abhinav Sharma. I am from Himachal Pradesh, India. I really like to provide information and knowledge to people. If you want to contact me then you can mail me at [email protected].